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Nowadays businesses depend on information technology, and cannot survive without a fast and reliable IT support service.
Zed Consulting offers just that, 24/7, with cost-effective packages!
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SOME Words About Us

Zed Consulting is specialized in IT outsourcing services with more than 10 years of experience with local and multinational companies. We are well-known for having a very fast response time, making any eventual IT issue resolved in less than 1 hour due to tour highly skilled team of engineers and our exceptional zoning system.

Although we do not sell hardware, the important portfolio of customers we have has placed us in a comfortable negotiation stand when it comes to assisting our customers with purchasing any IT-related equipment from servers to network infrastructure.

As an outsourcing service, we work in both full-time and part-time modes without being on the customer payroll. This gives our services a much higher value for money since we adapt to our customers’ needs and are paid only for delivered services and never for unproductive office hours.

Our business model also optimizes our customers’ data protection that is embedded in every contract, since we are committed to handover to our customers all necessary data in a period of 2 months following eventual contact termination.

Zed Consulting is your partner for an efficient, competitive and secure IT department, bringing your company to the performance level it deserves!

Our Services

Zed Consulting has provided total business solutions for innovative companies since 2004.
The company will succeed in enhancing and managing your network capabilities, improving your efficiency and reliability, as well as reducing end-user downtime.
We specialize in project management, product deployment, and development of interactive databases. We have expert technical resources available to recommend the most feasible and cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

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